National marketing expertise combined with in-depth experience on hundreds of diverse projects, the senior management of PME® is uniquely equipped to tap into a wide variety of professional associations, organizations and talent across the country and turn their focused expertise into business-building energy for all their clients and customers.


Senior Staff

Nan McCann, Founder/President

Nan is a proven sales and marketing executive with a documented record of energizing businesses. Throughout the 1990s she provided both sales and marketing services to a wide range of clients such as Jim Henson Productions, MarketSource Corp., Modern Talking Pictures, Professional Team Publications, Key Productions and Winstar Interactive Media Sales. At the same time, Nan was a featured monthly columnist for ABC Publishing’s Selling Magazine. Prior to this, Nan held senior sales and marketing positions in target marketing (MarketSource Corp.), broadcasting (ABC & NBC Radio Networks), and advertising (Advertising Specialty Institute). Nan began her sales and marketing career by selling the importance of reading and writing to vocational education high school students.

Jim McCann, Founder/CEO

A career-long company-builder, Jim, as Director of Marketing, helped Industrial Magazine/MAXCO grow from 1 to 43 trade shows in its first eighteen months. Later as President and COO of Key Productions he transformed the company from a producer of local New England shows into a nationally recognized trade show powerhouse. In his career Jim has created and produced over 200 events in 15 different industries and 40 different markets. Jim began his career in publishing with ASI/NBS.

Liz Barton-Fongemie, Senior Vice President

The sales leader at PME, Elizabeth is the senior sales contact for most of PME’s events. In addition to her years in the trade show industry, Elizabeth has successfully organized and sold sponsorships for golf tournaments, black tie galas and wine tastings to raise funds for non-profit organizations.